CIVL 7903/8903

Transportation Economics and Decision Making


Lecture-1: Introduction to Transportation Economics-I

Lecture-2: Introduction to Transportation Economics-II

Lecture -3: Econhomic Analysis Methods

Lecture -4: Evaluation of alternatives and elasticity

Lecture -5: Consumer Surplus, and Economy of Scale

Lecture -6: IRR Technique review problems and economy of scale

Lecture -7: Congestion Pricing (remaining from last class) and Depreciation

Lecture -8: Disaggregate Choice Modeling: Introductions

Week-9: Midterm exam

Lecture -9: Binomial Logit and Multinomial Logit Models-I[Lecture-9 B/W Printing] [R-code]

Lecture-10: SIC-1986; SIC-2006 [Lecture-10 B/W Printing]

Lecture-11: Multi-criteria Decision Making, and Intro to LCCA [FHWA Primer] [Lecture 11-B/W Printing]

Lecture-12: Risk Analysis in Investment Decision Making [Lecture 12-B/W Printing] [R-code]


Logistics, Trade and Transportation (LTT) Symposium: Link