CIVL 7904/8904

Traffic Flow Theory

Spring 2014


Lecture-1: Traffic Stream Models-1 (q-k-v relationship)

Lecture-2: Traffic Stream Models-2

Lecture-3: Microscopic Flow Characteristics -1

Lecture-4: Microscopic Flow Characteristics -2

Lecture-5: Microscopic Flow Characteristics -3

Lecture-6: Schuhl's Model and Goodness-of-fit

Lecture-7: Macroscopic Flow Characteristics

Lecture-8: Comparison of means and s.d

Lecture-9: Revision and more examples of last class

Lecture-10: Car Following Theory

Lecrture-11-12: Spring Break

Lecture-13-14: Traffic Simulation Model Presentation

Lecture-15: Introduction to Traffic Signals

Lecture-16: Example of signal design

Lecture-17: Actuated signal design

Lecture-18: Paramics Presentation

Lecture-19: Synchro Presentation

Lecture-20: Detector and Shockwave

Lecture-21: Final Exam Review and Introduction to Delay

Lecture-22: Final exam (May 6)

Lecture-23: Student presentations (May 8)

Presentation: HCS

Bonus Point presentation due: May 5

Final Exam: May -6

Course Project Presentation: May-8