CIVL 4162/6162

Traffic Engineering


Lecture-1: Traffic Flow Characteristics

Lecture-2: Microscopic Traffic Flow Characteristics (q-k-v relationship)

Lecture-3: Traffic flow models (Handout)

Lecture-4: Speed Studies (Class Exercise)

Lecture-5: Volume Studies-I

Lecture-6: HW#1 solutions, interval, and sample size (Handout)

Lecture-7: Speed Lab

Lecture-8: Volume Lab

Lecture-9: LOS of Uninterrupted flow facilities

Lecture-10: LOS on Weaving, Merging, and Diverging

Lecture-11: Mid-term exam

Lecture-12: Example of LOS on weaving section

Lecture-13: Intersection control

Lecture-14: Traffic control devices

Lecture-15.1: Intersection signal timing design-1

Lecture-15.2: Intersection signal timing design-2

Lecture-16: Actuated signal timing design

Lecture-17-1: HCS demonstration

Lecture-17-2: Network Progression






Class Project

Project Description

Project report guideline

Project supplemental file-1

Project supplemental file-2

Project supplemental file-3

Supplementary Materials

Normal distribution table

Chi-square distribution table

t-distribution table