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Shahram Pezeshk, Ph.D., P.E.
Chair and Professor of Civil Engineering

Engineering Science Building - Room 104A
Department of Civil Engineering
The University of Memphis
Memphis, TN  38152

Phone: (901) 678-4727 (office)
Secretary : (901) 678-2746 spezeshk@memphis.edu


Online Software:


SMSIM (Stochastic-Method SIMulation) and SHAKE91 Excel Version - Pezeshk_SMSIM_SHAKE

This program has two modules:

  1. SMSIM is a program developed by David Boore (www.daveboore.com) which is now implemented in an MS Excel format to make it easier to generate the input files and process the output files.

  2. SHAKE91.  This Excel file reads the input ground motion and change the format to be used in SHAKE91 and can plot output data.

To Download Click Here.

Note:  Make sure to copy the downloaded directory to your top "C:\"  drive (e.g., "C:\SMSIM_SHAKE") because it crashes if you have a long directory name.

If you have questions, please contact: spezeshk@memphis.edu and use Pezeshk_SMSIM_SHAKE in the subject line.


Software was developed by Shahram Pezeshk.


SPT Liquefaction Analysis Spreadsheet

This Excel sheet has been developed based on :

Boulanger, R.W. and I.M. Idriss (2014). CPT AND SPT BASED LIQUEFACTION TRIGGERING PROCEDURES, Center for Geotechnical Modeling
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of California Davis, California, Report No. UCD/CGM-14/01. [PDF Version]

Download Spreadsheet - SPT_Liquefaction_Pezeshk.xlsx

If you have questions, please contact: spezeshk@memphis.edu
Use this at your own risk.  If you have suggestions for improvement, please let me know.



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