CIVL 7909/8909

Freight Transportation Demand Modeling


Lecture-1: Introduction to Freight Transportation Demand Modeling

Lecture-2: Freight Generation and Freight Trip Generation

Lecture-3: Presentation on Best Practices Freight (Trip) Generation in US-Group I

Lecture-4: Presentation on Best Practices Freight (Trip) Generation in US-Group II

Lecture-5: Freight (Trip) Generation in Tennessee and Introduction to Input-Output Models

Miller and Blair, Foundations of Input Output Analysis

Voigtlaender, N. Dynamic Input-Output Model

Cascetta et al. Multi-regional Input-Output Models

de Jong et al. National and International Freight Transportation Models

TransNIEMO: National interstate input–output model

Harpen. Economic Impact Improvements on Freight: An I/O Model Approach

Wassily Leontieff Nobel Memorial Lecture on I/O Structure

Lecture-6: Spatial Computable General Equillibrium Model-Part-1

Lecture-7: Spatial Computable General Equillibrium Model-Part-2

A standard SCGE

Challenges in SCGE

SAM Accounts Table

SAM for US 2004

Hosoe: Ch-2; Ch-4; Ch-6

Lecture-8: Freight Trip Distribution

Lecture-9: Student presentations on distribution

Lecture-10: Mode Choice

Lecture-11: Assignment



Some Links:

Future Freight Flows: Seminar Video