Sabya Mishra

Papers Under Review

  • Osman, M., Paleti, R., Mishra, S., and Golias M. (2016). Analysis of Injury Severity of Large Truck Crashes in Work Zones. Accident Analysis and Prevention.

  • Sarker, A., Paleti, R., Mishra, S., and Golias M. (2016). Prediction of Secondary Crash Frequency on Highway Networks. Accident Analysis and Prevention.

  • Haque, K., Mishra, S., Paleti, R., Golias, M., Sarker, A., and Pujats, K. (2016). Truck Parking Utilization using GPS Data. Transportation Research Record.

  • Ding, C., Tang, T., Mishra, S., Wang, Y., and Liu, C. (2015). CO2 emissions: can built environment change commuter's driving behavior? Joint analysis the spatial impacts of built environment on car ownership and travel mode choice. Transportation Research Part-D.

  • Ding, C., Lu, D., Mishra, S., Yang, J., and Liu, C. (2015). Influences of neighborhood and individual level factors on commuting distance: a multilevel mixture hazard modeling approach. Transportation Research Part-D.

  • Ding, C., Wang, Y., Mishra, S., Wu, K., Yang, J., and Liu, C. (2015). A tour-based analysis on the interrelationships of built environment, travel behavior, and car ownership. Transportation Research Part-D.

Student Resources

  • Spreadsheet Based Four Step Model (Developed by Anteneh Yohannes): Download

  • Natural Disasters and Travel Demand Model Application: Download

  • Travel Demand Model and Investment Decision Making: Download

  • M.S. Thesis (Developed by Anteneh Yohannes): Download

  • Bi-level formulation: Download

  • Freight Players in TDM: Download