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Up StructuralDynamics Dynamic Analysis Drilling







Syllabus - PDF Format - Fall 2017 Matlab files  Kramer

Chapter 2.  Seismology and Earthquake Engineering

Acoustics and Vibration Animations


Distance Definition

Geologic Time Scale (from:

MIT Open Source on Seismology

Chapter 3.  Strong Ground Motion







Chapter 3.  Continued - Attenuations





Moore attenuation relationships:


Chapter 3.  Continued


Boore Web Site

Chapter 4.  Seismic Hazard Analysis









Chapter 6 - Dynamic Soil Properties

Chapter 7 - Ground Response Analysis


Code Procedures











Some Youtube videos of Liquefaction: -An exhibit at Discovery Science Center. What is soil liquefaction? - This is our property a few hours after the earthquake hit. Initially the sand boils were gushing with torrents of water. -Soil liquefaction during aftershock to 6.3 magnitude Christchurch earthquake 22 Feb 2011


USGS Presentation




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