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Plane stress - plane strain using constant strain triangular elements (CST), 6 node triangular elements (LST), 4 node quadrilateral elements (Q4), and 8-node quadrilateral elements (Q8).

Also, axisymmetric plane stress using constant strain triangles (CST_axisym).

All of this scripts use an input files structure contained in a Excel spreadsheet with 8 work sheets defining the parameters of the problems:

  1. Plane stress-strain: 1 for plane stress or 2 for plane strain
  2. Coordinates: x and y coordinates for each node
  3. Connectivity: nodal values for  i, j, and m for each element
  4. Forces: x and y values for nodal forces
  5. Boundary: x and y displacement boundary condition (1 for fixed and 0 for free)
  6. Thickness: values for thickness of each element
  7. Elasticity: value for modulus of elasticity E for each element
  8. Poisson: value for v for each element


Displacements and stresses are printed into the input Excel spreadsheet. Below are the results for the CST solution using 2 element for the lane stress problem given on page 364 of Logan's "First Course in the Finite Element Method" 6th edition.

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