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CIVL 1101 - Civil Engineering Measurements
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Syllabus Course Syllabus - Includes: course information, course objectives, performance criteria, course outline, grading and attendance policies. 

Click here to view: "A Modest Proposal to Students"
                             "A Memo to My Students"
Homework Homework Assignments - Typically, homework is assigned on Thursday and due the following Tuesday; however, please check the due date for each assignment.
Notes Class Presentations and Notes - This section includes class lecture notes, class presentations, and supplementary information.
Project Information - This section includes information about class groups, project assignments and specifications, laboratory data, and project performance rankings.
Interesting Information - Interesting information about civil engineering
Final Grades
Engineering Tutoring - Engineering Student Services Hours
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers 

Online Resources for the History of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Resource Guide

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